Wednesday, April 25

Pro Life? Or Pro Death?

Last week our SCOTUS raped every woman in this country. Last week, they made a decision for us, telling us that we do not have the ability to make our own medical decisions. They told us that our doctors aren't smart enough to help us make our medical decisions, despite the years of training and school our doctors have paid for. Not one man out of the 5 who raped us has ANY medical training (as far as I know). But yet they believe that we're stupid and they know what's best for us. Because Jebus told them so.

Last year, I made this post. Obviously, my emotional argurment was HYPOTHETICAL, just in case you go back and read it.

This past Sunday, DDB posted this. I hope my husband, my son, and my daughter and/or her partner NEVER has to make that kind of decision.

Here's another essay by Beth Quinn on the subject (thank you, Red Seven, for the link).

But - and here's the worst part - the justices ruled that there are NO cases except imminent death of the mother in which a D&E abortion can be legally performed now. Not to preserve her health. Not to save her uterus. The justices have replaced your doctor's judgment with their own.

Here is Gretchen Voss' story. If you can't feel her pain, you're not human.

When pro-lifers start showing respect for me, as a person, and recognize that they are NOT my parents and CANNOT and DO NOT have the right to make MY personal, medically informed, decisions, I MAY start showing them respect. Until then,


If you're not pissed off, you're not paying attention.


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I feel VERY strongly about this subject.

A woman's body is her's to do with as she pleases.

NO ONE, should be able to tell another person which biological processes may or may not occur within their own bodies. Especially when said process could determine the direction of the rest of your life.

Fuck that.