Friday, March 25

Random post

My husband made a post titled Schiavo over on our website that I think everyone needs to go read, now.

Wednesday, March 23

3rd Generation-Legacy

Well, I finally got around to playing my Legacy family last night. I've been so busy playing another story line at university, I almost forgot about the 3rd G baby due. I actually got the father of the my 3rd G baby graduated from Uni, but not home yet. Still have to throw his party and all that. I really like University, now that I've got it up and running. Too many hacks, I know. I've heard it runs like a dream when you don't have any custom content or hacks in it, but what's the fun in that?

Monday, March 7

attention span of a gnat

yeah, so I didn't have the patience to even have my Legacy third generation born. pretty sad, huh. oh well, I've been spending the last week trying to get my downloads compatible with the new expansion. I haven't really played much, just gone in the game to see what works and what shows up flashing blue. fun fun fun.