Monday, October 31

Week Eleven

Not much new to report, still sick most of the time and tired ALL the time. I had a migrain this last weekend, and that really sucked, but I finally made it to my chiropractor today and I feel much better now.

It's raining here in KC today, which sucks, cause I've got a bunch of candy, and the rain keeps the trick-or-treaters off the street. Hopefully I can get rid of over half so I dont eat that much! Friday, hubby's work had a trick-or-treat for all the kids, and we took Matt as a pirate (with a mohawk!) You'd think no one in Johnson County, KS had ever seen someone with a mohawk before. It all depends on the weather tonight if hubby takes him out.

Saturday, October 22

First Midwife appt.

Since my last pregnancy was without complication, and the worst part of my delivery experience was the damn nazi replacement doctor (my dr was on vacation, natch), I decided that I would find a midwife for my next baby, which, of course, is now.

Prenatal works mostly the same as with an ob. You go in, you pee in a cup, and weigh yourself. Except I get to dunk the test strip and see my own results, which is pretty cool. I still go in every 4 weeks until such time that I go in every two weeks, and then every week at the very end, just like I did with my ob.

There are several differences, tho, between a midwife and an ob. The main one is how many choices you get to make. They actually value my research and opinion, and don't get all condenscending on me when my choice is totally different from the norm. If I don't want something, they don't look at me like I've lost my mind and should be committed, and then give it to me anyway. (I really hated that.)

I'm also given the choice of having a water birth. I am soooo looking forward to trying that! Being in the water helped so much during my last labor. And it's better for the baby. (No, the baby can't drown, I promise.)

Hubby, of course, doesn't care who delivers the baby, as long as we are in a hospital with emergency care close at hand. You'd think he cared or something. ;)

Monday, October 17

Ninth week

Not much has changed in the "I feel like crap" department. I usually have about two good hours a day, but not even every day. My baby is now the size of a pinto bean, tho. How funny is that?!

Monday, October 10

Pregnancy Number 2

Well, since I'm not really playing my sims right now, I thought I'd turn this into a pregnancy journal. I discovered that I don't remember as much about my first pregnancy as I thought I did, and this will record it for posterity.

Currently, I'm at the beginning of my 8th week. I'm tired all the freakin' time. And if I'm not starving, I have an upset stomach. Not throw-up nauseous, just upset and not happy. There's maybe three hours in the day where I feel decent and normal. I'm really wondering how I managed to work thru my first pregnancy at this point! Oh well, only 5 more weeks, and the good part of the pregnancy will start.

Tuesday, October 4

Another baby!

Well, I'm six weeks pregnant, and the morning/all day sickness has hit. It really sucks! I suppose I should make my dr's appt now, huh?