Thursday, June 29

Cancer sticks

I haven't been a regular smoker for over 5 years, and the taste of cigarettes is just nasty to me unless I'm stressed out. Last night, I smoked a Camel Light, and it was awesome. (I was 3 miles away from both of my kids, no second hand smoke for them.)

Do I want another?

Kinda, but not really.

If I can get Matthew to stop whining and use a normal tone of voice, I'd be even better. We're working on that issue.

I'm also going to start making sure that Josie gets her food from a bottle at least once a day (I have a really good Medela pump).

It's the little things that keep you sane.

Wednesday, June 28

Less frazzled

Ahhhhh, an hour by myself at the bookstore. I feel so much better now.


Well, yesterday I actually got laundry done (now I just have to fold it all and put it away), but the errands didn't get done until today. And even then, I still have one or two that need to be done, but I think I'll wait until hubby gets home and then escape the nightmare that is two screaming children.

Tuesday, June 27

Waiting for the Excedrine to kick in

I've got a migrain. Not a bad one, but a migrain none-the-less.

Domestically, I've got laundry to do and errands to run. Of course, all I really want to do is play my Sims2, but I did that yesterday, so I really should get my chores done today.

Right now, at 8am, I just want to go back to bed, but that's not going to happen, I'm sure. Off to take my shower while the baby is still sleeping.

Tuesday, June 20

Random shit

Well, Matthew has a fever, and we don't know why. I've switched his PCP with the insurance, but the new dr's office doesn't have his file yet, I don't know if they'll do a same-day-appt for him or not. I'll find out in about 20 minutes, I guess.

I think I've gotten most of the programs I need installed on my computer now. I've got to figure out where my web browser plug-ins are (like Java, etc), but even my sims2 is installed. Yay!

Oh, the big family dinner on hubby's side was this past Sunday, and Keith spent most of it at the ER with his Mother, who had heart palpitations and high blood pressure. She's fine, but it was a little nerve racking for the rest of us.

We're going to visit my family (at least the one's that still talk to me) this coming weekend so everyone can see the new baby (who is growing like a weed). I'll post some new pics later this week.

(I'm trying to post more often, this is my effort for today)

Monday, June 19

Re-installing programs & details

Well, we had to re-install XP on my computer, and now I get to re-install all my programs. Woohoo. Now if I can just remember all the programs I had!

Friday, June 16

Well, this sucks

My computer is on the fritz. I get to borrow hubby's until we fix mine. And I had just started playing my Sims2 again. Hopefully, it will be fixed by Sunday, I've got pictures I need to get edited and burned to cd to get copies of for the family.

Sunday, June 4

A Brit in the States

Steve, Stacy, Keith, Janet, Josie and Matthew
(Steve is from Hull, England, visiting Stacy)

Thursday, June 1

Can you tell the difference?

Exibit A:

Exibit B:

Okay, other than Matthew was a month or so older in his picture than Josie is in her's, and she has WAY more hair than he did! They are just tooo freakin' cute for words!