Tuesday, July 31


An open letter to the manager at Target in charge of the dairy section:

Grow some balls and call your vendor for organic milk every 30 minutes until the truck shows up with your milk. Having absolutely NO organic milk for more than two days is completely UNACCEPTABLE.

I spend hundreds of dollars every month at Target. I CHOOSE to shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart (which is right across the intersection, btw).

Someone should also be calling headquarters (or whoever is in charge of deciding which vendors you use) and letting them know what a horrible job this particular vendor is doing, and maybe work on getting a different vendor.

For every customer that actually asks why you don't have any organic milk, there are at least 10 more that don't. I'm sure not all of them are quite as pissed off as I am. But I came to the store last night with only one item on my list, along with a headache. You didn't have the item I needed, and I didn't have time to go to a different store. I was also told last night (Monday) that the delivery truck would arrive today (Tuesday). When I went this evening, around 7pm, you still did not have ANY organic milk. NONE. I had to go to Wal-mart to get organic milk (because I am out, and I use it every day). They had plenty, so there doesn't seem to be a problem with the actual supply of organic milk, just your vendor.

One very loyal, but extremely pissed off customer.

I'm not actually sending this in, but I needed to vent someplace without yelling at my hubby. It's not his fault the manager at Target can't get their vendor to deliver.

Not to mention that I'm quite put out at myself for being upset over something as stupid as milk. GRRRR.

Saturday, July 28


We got our air conditioner fixed! (it only cost us $575!) The guy came out this afternoon and spent maybe 45 minutes replacing the motor, and now our house is almost cooled back down! Now, $575 sounds like a lot, and it is, but..... to completely replace the unit, it would have been around $3200. We were happy they could fix it!

Sweet, sweet air conditioning, oh, how I love thee!

Friday, July 27

oh joy

So one of our air conditioners broke today, the one that cools the upstairs. We're having issues with our sprinkler system (it won't shut off, even when you've turned it off). And my Sims 2 game (or my computer, not really for sure) is broken (won't load, won't even uninstall).

Don't you wish you were us!


It's a good thing it's only supposed to reach a high of 85 this weekend, I don't know how I'd survive the 90's with the 60% humidity. I've done it before, but it's not fun, that's for sure.

Sunday, July 22

In which I resurface from the land of Harry Potter

No, I won't give any spoilers away, if that's what you're worried about.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the best book in the series. It makes you laugh in the middle of bawling. Many, many people (and other creatures) die. Several that you know. And Snape, well, you definitely find out where his loyalty lies. Pretty much every question is answered. It totally rocks.

Thank you, Jo, for this magical experience you've taken us on. I hope my children (when they're older) love your books as much as I do.

Thursday, July 19

From Pharyngula:

Fundamentalists: believe 2+2 =5 because It Is Written. Somewhere. They have a lot of trouble on their tax returns.

"Moderate" believers: live their lives on the basis that 2+2=4. but go regularly to church to be told that 2+2 once made 5, or will one day make 5, or in a very real and spiritual sense should make 5.

"Moderate" atheists: know that 2+2 =4 but think it impolite to say so too loudly as people who think 2+2=5 might be offended.

"Militant" atheists: "Oh for pity's sake. HERE. Two pebbles. Two more pebbles. FOUR pebbles. What is WRONG with you people?"

Friday, July 13

Hypocrites, as usual.

So, apparently, every morning the Senate (of our US of A) starts off with a morning prayer. WTF? Separation of Church and State, anyone?

Well, guess what, you ignorant fundies. You let one denomination in, you let them ALL in.

So much for acting like Jesus and showing respect for others.

Thanks, Pmomma, for the link.

Friday, July 6