Monday, January 31

Legacy update

Well, I finally spent enough time in my Legacy house that Stephanie (1st G) became an elder, Bethanie (2nd G) is now an adult, with G3 in the oven! I've taken pictures, but I need to figure out just where on my computer they are so I can post them. If anyone knows, feel free to leave a comment!

Wednesday, January 26

Mood: Irriatated

So I went into my Legacy family last night to get some playing time, and to see if my new teen/preg hack was working, and the damn school bus doesn't show up to pick the kids up from school. Their grades don't go down, which is good, but now I've got a teenager and a child at home all freakin day. And I can't send the teenager to work, cause then the child would be left home alone, and that leads to the social worker, dammit. I went into my files to make sure I hadn't downloaded the "no school" hack by accident, but it's nowhere to be found. Couldn't find anything over at MTS2, either. Damn Maxis patch. I've had more trouble with my hacks since downloading the second patch, with you have to have if you want user-made objects, dammit. grrrr.

On a better note, my child let me sleep until almost 9:30 this morning! An extra hour of sleep, ahhh.

Monday, January 24

wow, people actually found me! I'll have to start updating more!

Thursday, January 20

evil am I

So I finally got one of my teenage sims pregnant. by a teenager her age! They wont be adults until the baby is almost a child. I may get really evil and give them another baby.

Tuesday, January 18


Well, I'm feeling better today. It only took two trips to the chiropractor yesterday. And I have some really awesome friends. Keith (hubby) has class on Monday nights after work (and wednesday nights), so he didn't get home till 8pm. After throwing up after my first chiro visit, my blood sugar dropped really low, and I knew I shouldn't drive again. So my friend Kristina came and drove me and Matthew to my second appointment, and then my friend Samantha came over and helped me feed and take care of the boy after we got back. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Monday, January 17

Migrain Monday

Not only is it Monday, it's my monthly migrain monday. I think I'm gonna go back to bed now.

Wednesday, January 12

Legacy Family, Sims2

So I finally decided to do the Legacy Challenge. I'm in a neighborhood downloaded from The SiMale. It's the Sims1 Studio Town, Downtown, and Vacation Island. I deleted all of the lots it came with so I could make them residential and renamed them all.

Of course, I am running several hacks in the game that I refuse to play without. I'm currently running the nocheering hack, the sometimes homework fun hack, and the Slow Aspiration Decay hack. Well, these are the only ones that might affect actual game play. I've got a whole bunch of hacks from Mod the Sims 2. Oh, and I've got the Teen Woohoo w/pregancy hack too. I have yet to have a teenager get preggers, tho. I've got my own rules for that! If they're not responsible enough to have woohoo in bed, they have to "try for baby"!. So far, I haven't let any of them have woohoo in the hot tub, but I'm sure that soon I'll try that with one of the girls! (yes, Maxis named sex 'woohoo' in the Sims 2. Stupid, I know, but they really wanted that "T for teen" rating, I guess.)

Anyway, my goal is to see if I actually have the attention span to play one family/neighborhood for 10 generations. I absolutly refuse to use Maxis generated genes, so my starter sim was a female, and the first girl born in each generation is going to be the heir. They will not marry, and no one will move in, but they will have out-of-wedlock (gasp!) children with Sims that I create in that neighborhood. I'll post pictures of the first & second generation soon.

Saturday, January 8

One of the joys in my life

Isn't he cute???

This is my precious baby boy, Matthew. He is almost 17 months old, weighs 30lbs, and is 33 inches tall. Hubby took a bunch of pictures of him, and then we had to upload all of them to take more! This is one of the latest. There are more in the Gallery at our family site. Feel free to check them out. Hopefully I'll be updating on my sims early next week.

Thursday, January 6

Coach Carter

While this is your typical Samual Jackson movie, I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend seeing this. I don't know that I'd pay full price for it, but definately matinee. There's only five movies coming out this year so far that I would pay to see at the theatre: Star Wars, Batman Begins, Robot, Phantom of the Opera, and of course, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (Robot is a new animate movie from the makers of Ice Age. It has Robin Williams, nuff said).

I only hope Episode 3 is better than 2, cause it that one sucked ass.

Crappy weather

so the one day I have stuff for myself to do (nail, hair) the weather is nasty. I mean freezing rain, really shouldn't be driving nasty. Do I cancel??? No. No one else does either. I did at least call and make sure I wasn't the last client of the day. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone. So I didn't play my sims2 at all yesterday, and I haven't played them today, either. I really should go back and play my Legacy family, but of course I have to be weird and keep the rest of the neighborhood up with her! I couldn't just do a Legacy family, I've got to be different and do an entire Legacy neighborhood! Oh well. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to play with my simmies. Tonight, Hubbie is taking me to a movie. Coach Carter, or something like that. Someone at work gave him tickets.

Wednesday, January 5


Well, not much time to play the sims today. It's wednesday, and that means running around doing errands. I've got my nail appt at 11, and I'm getting my hair cut at 4. Keith is watching the spawn while I get my hair cut, since I'm going to Naturally at Crown Center. Keith's cousin Tonya is cutting hair again! Yay! She was only doing color for a while, and I had no one to cut my hair. And I am soooo picky about my hair. Comes from being a hair stylist. The only downside to having Tonya cut my hair is the headache I get just from being in an Aveda salon. But it's worth it. I'll just have to remember to take some advil before I go.

damn baby, just took his diaper off, gotta run!

Tuesday, January 4

testing, testing

well, I've finally been inspired to start my own personal blog. It's just on blogger, so I wouldn't have to download anything. anyway. Most of this blog will be for my simmies, and for ranting about my child when he's screaming. !If I rant, I don't beat him. I prefer not to beat him. Not until he's old enough to understand why I'm beating him, anyway!)

Hopefully, blogger will let me post pics of my simmies, if I can figure how to upload them.