Wednesday, February 23

the flu

Well, thanks to my son, me and my husband have both gotten our butts kicked by the 48-hour flu. Today (Tuesday) is the first day we haven't had a fever. Of course, Matthew got his 18-month shots yesterday, so he's got a fever again. I'm going to go buy some Lysol and disinfect everything today!

Tuesday, February 8


Oreos and the Federal Budget, v2.0. pass it on.

Thursday, February 3

My Legacy Family

Well, I finally found where the game stores my pictures, and why I couldn't find them. This is a picture of my starting sim for the Legacy Challenge. Her name is Stephanie Vonhavel.

Bloggerspot will only let me upload one picture per post (which is really annoying), so I'll post pictures of the rest of the family later.