Sunday, April 30

Week 36

Well, I'm to the 36 week mark, and it sucks just as much this time as it did the first time. I hurt constantly, in one place or another. Usually two or three places at a time. I'm truly hoping that Josie decides to come early, because another 4 weeks of this? blech.

Of course, I made the comment last night to hubby that I will be so happy when I can lay on my stomach again, and he had to crush my dreams by reminding me that even tho there was no baby in my belly anymore after the birth, I still couldn't lay on my stomach, my boobs hurt too much! *sigh*

My next checkup is this coming Tuesday, and then I have to start going in every week. Yay.

On the plus side: I'm getting a baby! Really freaky that they're gonna allow me to take such a fragil creature home with me, AGAIN!

Tuesday, April 18

Week 34 checkup

Another checkup, another pound on the scales. I really can't complain, my total weight gain is only 17 pounds. I'm still not back up to where I was before I had the flu, tho.

BP was 112/70, baby's heartbeat was 142, and all is well. My next visit is at 36 weeks, and I'll have my strep-b testing done then. Then it's every week to the midwives until delivery.

She's almost here, can you believe it? Gotta get cracking and get the nursery set up!

Saturday, April 15

I've broken a commandment

I covet something that belongs to my best friend.What is it, you may ask?

I covet her vacuum. That's right. Her vacuum.

Now, I don't have a cheap vacuum by any means, I paid around $250 for it. And it's a good vacuum. But it's not like her vacuum.

What makes her vacuum so wonderful?

It's a Dyson.

We've been marveling over these new vacuums ever since they came out, but no one's had the money or a good enough reason to spend that much money on a vacuum. My friend now owns her own cleaning business, and since she needed a vacuum for her business, she gets to write it off as a business expense.

I have company coming in on Monday, and thought I might see if I could borrow her wonderful Dyson to vacuum my house, seeing as how we've done so much wall repair and painting. She actually said yes. (She didn't really want to loan it to me, she was afraid I would never give it back.)

Oh. My. God. It is soooo fucking awesome. Hubby asked me if I wanted one for my birthday, and I have to say, it's running neck & neck with a new computer, which I've wanted for over 6 months now.

Honestly, I've never enjoyed vacuuming before. I HATE cleaning. But this, this is just the coolest vacuum EVER.

First it was drooling over a mini van at the dealership, now I'm drooling over a vacuum. I'm pretty sure I've left the hip and cool days of my youth behind. Strangely enough, I don't even seem to mind that much.

Friday, April 14

Cleaning day

I have company coming in on Monday, so today is laundry and cleaning day. Tomorrow is vaccuming day. woo hoo. My life is soooo exciting, isn't it?

Baby Josie is doing well, making me very uncomfortable most of the time. I'm fairly small boned, making it look like I have a beach ball under my shirt. All the other moms are jealous, but just because she's not sticking out doesn't mean she's not just as big as other babies at this stage, she's just burrowing into my body. It's very hard for me to even bend over anymore. I'm so glad the weather is warming up so I can just wear sandles instead of sneakers. Socks are a bitch to put on!

Saturday, April 1

32 Weeks

.... and heartburn still sucks. I remember having alot of heartburn with Matt, but I had completely forgotten how much it hurts! Tums is my current best friend.

So Matt got the flu while Keith and I were in Santa Ana. He, in turn, gave it to me the weekend after we got back, and now Keith is recovering from his bout. The really sucky part (other than the puking, etc)? We still haven't seen our new neice! She's almost two weeks old! Hopefully we'll make it down next weekend, and I'll have a picture or two to share.