Wednesday, December 28

How evil are you?

How evil are you?

Excuse me while I go laugh my ass off!

Sunday, December 25

Phat Lewt!

I totally scored in the christmas gift department! I got a new Chi Flat iron, a tempurpedic matress topper, a really cool baby blanket hand made by one of my best friends, a set of really awesome sheets for my bed (which I really needed) and more! Matthew got puzzles, rock 'em sock em' robots, crayons, markers, and more crayons (he LOVES crayons, so he's happy). Keith got money for new tires on his car, a really nifty shirt from, and a wireless car adapter/charger for his Ipod shuffle.

We haven't even gone down to the in-laws yet! Keith and I got our presents from my mil already (mattress topper and money for tires), but we still have presents to collect from his brother and family. Woohoo!

And Matthew finally figured out that opening presents is a good thing! Of course, the first one he opened this morning had crayons and markers, so he didn't want to open anything else. Brat.

Saturday, December 24

18 down, 22 to go

I hate having a cold. It truly sucks ass. I swear, the only time I ever get sick is while I'm pregnant. With Matthew, I had the one and only bout of the flu I've ever had, and it was not fun at all. To top it off, Keith has a cold too, and with Matthew's ear infection we are just a bastion of icky germs.

Oh well. We're mostly healthy.

And I'd like to add my congratulations to my brother Thom, and his new fiance Aundra. They will be getting married in September. Best wishes for a warm and happy marriage.

Friday, December 23

Sickness Update

So it turns out Matthew has an ear infection in his left ear and needs antibiotics, woohoo. Both Keith and I are also not feeling great, just colds, but still annoying. Oh well, the last time I had to take Matt into the dr was Sept, and that was just for his two-year checkup, so on the whole, pretty healthy.

Thursday, December 22


So I'm almost to the end of my 18th week, and it's been extremely busy. Sunday, we went down to Keith's mom's house for the huge family dinner, Tuesday we went back down for our neice's birthday party (and stayed the night, coming home Wednesday), on our way home, Matthew developed a 103.4 degree fever (he's better now, yay!), Saturday night we have Christmas dinner with my adopted family (Kris doesn't make friends, she makes sisters), and then Sunday, after opening our presents from each other, we get to go back to Keith's mom's for Christmas dinner. I'm stuffed, and I still have two more dinners!

I do have all of my shopping done, and all but two presents are wrapped and under the tree. The missing two are in the mail somewhere, hopefully they'll get here by Saturday.

Oh, and I get a massage tonight, woohoo!

Wednesday, December 14

4 month checkup

I had my midwife appt today, and like the dork I am, I totally forgot to find out what the actual heartrate was. I did find out that Matthew's heartrate was in the 140's and 150's, tho. This baby is a little more contrary already. With Matthew, finding his heartbeat (and certain parts of his anatomy during the sonnogram) were extremely easy. This one, you find it, and then s/he moves. S/he doesn't like to cooperate at all. 4 more weeks, and we'll know for certain (I hope) what the sex of the baby is.

Wednesday, December 7

Week Sixteen

Okay, so I'm an idiot, and totally forgot how many weeks along I am! I had to go back and count. It's so freakin' cold here in KC (11 degrees F) that I don't go anywhere or see anyone, so no one asks me how far along I am, and since I'm not sick anymore (and counting down to feeling better), I just don't think about it. I did this during my first pregnancy too, about the same time! I had to mark it on my calender, and I'll have to do that this time too.

Other than none of my clothes fitting anymore (regular clothes too small, maternity too big), I feel great. Nothing like only having track pants to wear to bring you down, I swear.

Thursday, December 1

We have names!

I've always known what my first son's name would be, and what my first daughter's name would be. I've already got my first boy, so now we had to come up with another boy name. I finally ran my name generator (that I use for Sims 2, no less!), and we actually agreed on a name that's not tooo English/Roman conqueror from history.

Max Lucian Sader. And everyone will ask "what's Max short for, Maximilian?", and he'll say "it's short for Max, thank you very much." Kinda like when people ask Keith what his middle name is. (it's Keith, duh.)

Oh, and if it's a girl, her name will be Josie Lynn. So now we wait for January's sonnogram.

Something different

Yesterday I did something I haven't done since before I found out I was pregnant. I played my Sims 2 game, y'all! Don't know why, but the mood just struck me, so I went with it. For someone who used to play the game almost every single day, 3 months is a long time. But, phases come and go, I suppose. I don't know if I will go back to playing it that often, but at least I'm getting my money's worth now.

On the pregnancy front, I've now felt the baby move. Driving home from Target with a full bladder and a baby that has the hiccups will do that. It's still too early to feel the baby move on a regular basis, I'm only in my 14th week. Not much new to report other than that. I'll have my sonnogram done in January, and have pictures to post, I'm sure.