Wednesday, November 16


We heard the heartbeat of the baby today! It was just as cool as the first time I heard Matt's heartbeat. I don't remember what Matt's heartbeat was, but this baby has a heartrate of 155.

I'm officially in my second trimester now, and I'm definately feeling better. Still a little tired, but, eh. The bad news is I can't fit into my jeans anymore, but I'm still too small for maternity clothes. It's too cold to wear skirts, and I only have three pair of pants that fit! Oh well.

Tuesday, November 15

Quizzy goodness


You are one of life’s enjoyers, determined to get the most you can out of your brief spell on Earth. Probably what first attracted you to atheism was the prospect of liberation from the Ten Commandments, few of which are compatible with a life of pleasure. You play hard and work quite hard, have a strong sense of loyalty and a relaxed but consistent approach to your philosophy.

You can’t see the point of abstract principles and probably wouldn’t lay down your life for a concept though you might for a friend. Something of a champagne humanist, you admire George Bernard Shaw for his cheerful agnosticism and pursuit of sensual rewards and your Hollywood hero is Marlon Brando, who was beautiful, irascible and aimed for goodness in his own tortured way.

Sometimes you might be tempted to allow your own pleasures to take precedence over your ethics. But everyone is striving for that elusive balance between the good and the happy life. You’d probably open another bottle and say there’s no contest.

What kind of humanist are you? Click here to find out.

Friday, November 11

Preventing spam

I'm getting a few spam comments each week, so I'm turning on the word verification for comments.

Thursday, November 10

Week Twelve

Well, I'm almost to the end of week 12, and I think I'm starting to feel better. If I don't eat, I still get extremely nausous, and I'm still tired, but I don't feel nearly as bad as I was. Not much else to report, my next midwife appt is next wed, the 16th. I'll post an update then. Hopefully we'll be able to hear the heartbeat.

Sunday, November 6


if you dont leave your name with your comment, I will probably delete it.

Saturday, November 5

Halloween cuteness

He's supposed to be a pirate, but without the hat he looks more like a British punk rocker!