Friday, April 27


Today, I turn 35.

I don't feel 35 in my brain, but my body reminds me quite often. Nothing major, just minor things, like those extra 20 pounds leftover from my second pregnancy didn't just fall off like they did after the first pregnancy. Knees that hurt at just the thought of going to the gym. Little things like that.

A lot has happened in the last year. I had a baby last May. My brother invited me, then UN-invited me to his wedding. My blood family stopped talking to me completely. I had a breakdown. I started therapy. My son turned 3. Someone I considered my best friend turned her back on me. Someone else, whom I also considered my best friend, stuck with me through all the shit I've been through the last year, and truly became my sister. I adopted a new brother (Hi, Andrew!).

Even with all the family shit, it's been a fairly good year for me. I have two beautiful children and a wonderful husband. I have "adopted" family who truly cares for me. I have a wonderful mother-in-law. I have great friends on the internet (only some of who I've met).

If the sun stays out, I think I'll take the kids to the park today.

Oh, and hubby got me an Ipod shuffle for my b-day present! Go me!


Stacey said...

Wow. When did you leave? You've had a rough year, losing family and acquiring a child all around the same time...

Keith Sader said...

Happy birthday again sweetie!

Kristina said...

Happy birthday! Wow, what a year, huh? :D

Janet said...

Stacey, I was df'd back in '98, but my family still kinda talked to me. I just accepted what they gave me. In 2003, when my son was born, my mom didn't come up for his birth, they came up the day after.

I started researching into the religion back in 2005, after the Silent Lambs scandal broke, and my entire world shifted. I decided that I wasn't going to cater to them anymore, if they wanted to see me, they would have to call me. They don't call, obviously.

The whole wedding fiasco is what brought things to a head for me. Being told that if you show up at your brother's wedding, he personally will ask you to leave, is very gut-wrenching.

I'm getting better, I have a really good therapist who actually wants me to get better, not just take as much money as she can.

Xavier Onassis said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Big, squeezy, platonic blog-hugs and best wishes for a better year!

Stacey said...

Did you know there was an entire KM insert in 08/2002 that basically told the rank and file that if their DF'd kid didn't desperately need to live in their house, they shouldn't have anything to do with the kid? (Sorry, we may have talked about this before. I forget.)

Seems though, that would be not long before they started getting all whacky with the shunning, huh? You figuring things out with the bad, bad Silent lambs just gave them a good reason to follow their "principles."

ugh. gag me.

Good for you seeing a therapist. I did too, for about 5 months. Made all the difference in the world.

Well Hell Michelle said...

Happy late birthday! Sounds like it's been a year for you... glad things are getting better :)

Spyder said...

Happy Birthday Janet!

Dan said...

Sorry I missed your birthday - I'm 4/26. Good for you for getting through a rough year - your next year is going to be wonderful!