Wednesday, March 22

Happy Birthday Abby!

Well, one down, one to go. My mother-in-law is over the moon (now that she's over the flu). Scott & Jaynee (my bil & sil) welcomed little (kinda) Abby Caitlin into the world today at 9 pounds, 13 ounces, 20 inches.

In our baby news, we survived the plane flights quite well, and I've gained almost 20 pounds. Baby Josie is doing great, with her eta still around the middle/end of May. (Thank the Flying Spagetti Monster I don't have huge babies like my sil!)

Saturday, March 18

It's so nice out here!

Well, we are out in Santa Ana, CA. It's so quiet without the toddler! Of course, we call every night to talk to him and check in with Grammy, but they're having a blast without us.

The sad part about our trip is that we're in LA, and we can't seem to stay up past 9pm local time! No partying for us, that's for sure, just a couple of old fogies. Very sad.

Friday, March 10

I'm so excited!

Hubby got assigned to a new project at work this week, and they're sending him to Irving, CA next week. AND THEY'RE PAYING FOR ME TO GO TOO!!!! I get a vacation!!!!! WOOHOO!

I'm so glad my hubby works for a company that values a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy, especially one that just's a spouse of an employee.

Monday, March 6

It's a GIRL!

I had my 3-D sonogram done today, and we are having a little girl! She's a little cutie-patootie, too! (of course, I'm biased)

I can't wait till she's here!

Friday, March 3

Holy Shit!

As I've previously posted, I'm a big fan of Depeche Mode. Tickets went on sale today for a May 10th show at our local Starlight Theatre.

I love going to Starlight. We go for both broadway shows and concerts. We like the Box seats, it's really close to the stage without being in the Orchastra sections.

Tickets are 75 dollars EACH, plus the $12.50 TM service charge, and there are no box seats left. I don't think so.

That close to my due date of popping out another baby and I can't get my favorite seats? And they STILL want me to spend aprx. $200 for TWO tickets? Nope, I don't like them THAT much!