Tuesday, September 25


This coming Sunday, the 30th of September, is my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. My brother's 1st anniversary is the following Sunday, October 7th.

I haven't really spoken to my brother since he told me I would not be welcome at his wedding last year. I haven't spoken to my father since this post, and I've only had minor email conversations with my mom since this post.

I've not been told of, let alone invited to, any anniversary party anyone might be throwing for my parents. Not that that surprises me or anything.

Mom & Dad, happy anniversary. I love you.

Tom and Andra, happy anniversary. I love you.

Happy birthday to my "baby", Earl, who turned 22 today.


Anonymous said...

Sad. :( Thinking of you.

Janet said...

Thanks, Kristine!

Heather said...

Family: the source of our greatest strength, and the bane of our existance.

Thoughts for you as well!

graciegirl said...

Im sorry for the pain you go through, I too know this sting. I first saw your profile on yuku.
I have not spoken to my bro. in 14 years, and was not invited to his wedding either.same story with my parents.