Tuesday, September 11

9/11, times 6.

Six years. It's really hard to believe. I'm really kinda irked they haven't started rebuilding the two towers. And Homeland Security? What a joke. We are LESS safe today than we were 6 years ago, and it will not get better until someone who actually gives a fuck is in the White House.

After Matt gets home from preschool, we'll watch the 9/11 documentary by the two French brothers, something I do every year on this day.

Thanks to Yahoo! news, I found this gem today. I don't know what I'll do this year, if anything, but next year, I'll plan something me and the kids can do together, volunteer somewhere or something. I'd go give blood today, but who wants to take a 16 month old with them when they get a needle stuck in their arm?

Do something good today.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with you.
We are more safe today than 6 years ago thanks to President Bush.