Tuesday, March 6

/rant on

Yesterday, I spent at least an hour cleaning up the kitchen. This morning when I went down to fix breakfast for Matt, it was a disaster. Apparently no one (including me) bothered to clean up from supper last night. The plates were still on the table.

There was cat puke on my stairs this morning.

I woke up not feeling well; congested, sinus drainage, the usual.

Matthew has been pushing all my buttons all day long.

My Sims2 game would not load this morning, no matter what I did (including removeing all hacks and custom content). I'm currently re-installing the game and all 5 expansion packs after deleting them. (I'm not stupid, I did save all my custom content)

Matthew got into the salt (that was left on the table) and made a mess all over the table and floor.

My goddamn mutherfucking phone (that Cingular sold me without telling me they had discontinued it) died in the middle of a conversation with my insurance to find out if I had any mental health coverage to help pay for my therapy. If I didn't want an IPhone so bad, I'd switch carriers. As it is, I have to put up with a phone that eats batteries for 3-4 more months.

/rant off. but I'm still pissy.


Xavier Onassis said...

Big, warm, squeezey, totally-platonic, non-threatening, comforting hug being offered.

Janet said...

Thanks, XO. I'll take that hug. Huggs-Good.