Sunday, September 3

Potty training ...

Seeing as how this is a three-day weekend, and Keith would be home to help, we decided to potty-train the 3-yr old, who has shown absolutely no interest in using the toilet.

What does having a 3-day weekend have to do with potty training? you ask.

Well, I'm doing the 3 day potty training method, so all the stress of potty training is over after 3 days. Sounds good to me.

  • Day 1
We put Matthew in 'big boy' underwear, and told him that the diapers were gone, he was a big boy and didn't need diapers anymore. It went over so well, it took at least 5 minutes just to get the underwear on his body, and I had to hold his arms back so Keith could get the underwear up past his feet. I also had to hold a leg because he kept kicking them off. It was fun, let me tell you.

Throughout the day we had to stay by his side 100% of the time to catch him when he went potty. Not once did we manage to get him to the toilet before he was done peeing. We are SO borrowing the carpet cleaner from Mom & Dad (my adopted parents, you know, the ones who actually treat me as their daughter) when this is all over.

We made it through nap time with no accidents in bed AND he went all night without peeing in bed as well!

End of day 1: no peeing while sleeping, but still not peeing in the toilet. Two exhausted parents.

  • Day 2
Woke up, bed was dry! Yay!

I decided that in addition to telling him to tell me when he had to go potty, that he should RUN to the bathroom to sit on the toilet when he had to go potty as well. He really enjoys running, so he actually liked that. We had several "false alarms" where we went to the toilet, but no potty came out, but THEN, OMG, he went potty in the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You would have thought he'd won a gold medal at the Olympics! It was AWESOME!

It's now noon, CDT, and he's gone potty in the toilet THREE times, with only one accident! I am so very proud of my bubba, and so amazed at how fast he's growing.

I swear, I just brought him home yesterday!

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