Monday, September 11

15 minutes

Fifteen minutes can change the world. I shouldn't be able to remember what I was doing 5 years ago today, but I do.

In the 15 minutes it took me to drive to work that day, horrific acts of terror were commited to our country. When I got to my place of employment, I found most of my co-workers in the kitchen area gathered around a 13-inch tv, and we watched in horror as the two buildings that housed our home offices collapse. My company lost over 300 employees that day, because they worked on the floors that the first airplane hit. Those that worked in the second tower were able to evacuate before the second plane hit.

Five years later, we still haven't caught the man responsible for these acts of terror, even though he's 6'5", Arabic, and needs dialysis on a regular basis.

For anyone outside of the US that reads this blog: I'm sorry the man that claims the presidency of the United States (Governor Bush) is a complete asshat. Please know that not every American agrees with him or his oil/war-loving buddies.

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