Wednesday, September 6

Day 5

yesterday, 5/7 sucessfull potties in the toilet! today, we're 4/4 with a POOP in the TOILET!

I think he's got it!

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Janet said...

Hey, I'm going to bring my puppy up to your house and leave her for four days for you to housebreak!

Good job Mom! LOL Glad there was a successful poopie. hahahah

When my youngest just would NOT get potty trained, one day we ran out of diapers. I asked him, "Could you please use the potty until I can get more diapers? It'd help me a lot."

He did and we never did get to the store for diapers. And now he's got a baby of his own whose diapers need changing.

Cute story and congrats to your whole family for this "milestone." Ah, life is so fun sometimes.

Love, Janet