Friday, January 20

It's been an interesting week

So I'm eating popcorn Wednesday after putting Matt down for the night, and as I'm using my tongue to check for any stuck in my teeth, I discover that I've broken one of my molars. Joy Joy. So it's off to the dentist for me, dammit. Fortunately, I only need a crown and not a root canal. A crown still involves 3 shots of novacain, though. (yes, it's safe for the baby, I checked)

So my face is slowly becoming un-numb, but that means there's gonna be pain around my gums and in my cheek where they gave me the damn shots. wooohooo.

I go back in two weeks for my permanent crown, but that doesn't involve any shots! yay!

Oh, and I'm now 23 weeks pregnant, feeling the baby move all the time.

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