Wednesday, January 11


So today's been a pretty shitty day so far.

  • I don't get to go to San Jose with Keith in a few weeks. This was my only chance to have any sort of vacation child free for the next year.
  • We had to wait a half hour in the waiting room for our sonnogram of the new baby. And because she was running so late, the sonnogram was rushed, and I was so irritated by the time I saw my midwife, I couldn't think of several items I needed to discuss with her.
  • Matthew screamed the entire office visit: while waiting the aforementioned half hour, the time it took to complete the sonnogram, and for the visit with the midwives.
  • We still don't really know for sure what sex the new baby is. The baby didn't cooperate at all, and this was the only sonnogram we get.

The good part of the day is that the baby is completely healthy and exactly where it should be, both growth wise and position wise! The placenta is up and out of the way, the heart looks healthy, baby looks great. All in all, I should be happy, but I'm too damn stressed and upset right now.

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