Thursday, December 1

We have names!

I've always known what my first son's name would be, and what my first daughter's name would be. I've already got my first boy, so now we had to come up with another boy name. I finally ran my name generator (that I use for Sims 2, no less!), and we actually agreed on a name that's not tooo English/Roman conqueror from history.

Max Lucian Sader. And everyone will ask "what's Max short for, Maximilian?", and he'll say "it's short for Max, thank you very much." Kinda like when people ask Keith what his middle name is. (it's Keith, duh.)

Oh, and if it's a girl, her name will be Josie Lynn. So now we wait for January's sonnogram.


lisa said...

lucian is a great name! good for a middle name, where it won't be shortened to luci! btw i did a blog search and found yours using sims2, i was going to search for mums...i have 3 kids...anyway, just so you know how i got here :)

good luck with it all :)

Janet said...

Thanks, Lisa!