Thursday, December 22


So I'm almost to the end of my 18th week, and it's been extremely busy. Sunday, we went down to Keith's mom's house for the huge family dinner, Tuesday we went back down for our neice's birthday party (and stayed the night, coming home Wednesday), on our way home, Matthew developed a 103.4 degree fever (he's better now, yay!), Saturday night we have Christmas dinner with my adopted family (Kris doesn't make friends, she makes sisters), and then Sunday, after opening our presents from each other, we get to go back to Keith's mom's for Christmas dinner. I'm stuffed, and I still have two more dinners!

I do have all of my shopping done, and all but two presents are wrapped and under the tree. The missing two are in the mail somewhere, hopefully they'll get here by Saturday.

Oh, and I get a massage tonight, woohoo!

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