Sunday, December 25

Phat Lewt!

I totally scored in the christmas gift department! I got a new Chi Flat iron, a tempurpedic matress topper, a really cool baby blanket hand made by one of my best friends, a set of really awesome sheets for my bed (which I really needed) and more! Matthew got puzzles, rock 'em sock em' robots, crayons, markers, and more crayons (he LOVES crayons, so he's happy). Keith got money for new tires on his car, a really nifty shirt from, and a wireless car adapter/charger for his Ipod shuffle.

We haven't even gone down to the in-laws yet! Keith and I got our presents from my mil already (mattress topper and money for tires), but we still have presents to collect from his brother and family. Woohoo!

And Matthew finally figured out that opening presents is a good thing! Of course, the first one he opened this morning had crayons and markers, so he didn't want to open anything else. Brat.

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