Sunday, February 4


Well, Josie caught a cold, gave it to EVERYONE in the house. Matthew has been running a fever off & on for three days now, I may have to take him to the dr for an ear infection. No fever for Josie, but Keith and I have both had low-grade fevers at some point this weekend. All the crap I'm coughing up is yellow, so I may have to go to the dr for a sinus infection.

Oh, and I have NO voice left, and my throat feels like it's on fire. I won't be leaving the house tomorrow, again. It's too damn cold.

and wtf is up with Prince? He only sang two of his own songs? I feel ripped off and want my time back. Not even a nipple to entertain us. sigh.

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Dark said...

totally :werd: on that! I wonder when Prince became a cover band???