Saturday, February 17

Because it's not football if you don't break something.

So, because my parents are allowed to speak with me, just not associate with me, my mom called me tonight to let me know that my youngest brother Earl broke his right ankle playing football today.

He broke the small bone, and dislocated pretty much everything else. He's going into surgery tomorrow (a SUNDAY) to put a plate on the broken bone. He is currently on a MORPHINE drip right now. He may get to go home on Tuesday.

Oh, did I mention that because he's a Jehovah's Witness, he dropped out of college, and works at a job where he has no medical insurance. He's 21 years old, and has thousands of dollars of medical debt now.



Badaunt said...

Allowed to 'speak with' but not 'associate with' ... weird. What's the difference?

Thanks for your comment. Actually I wasn't JW, but EB. But it all seems pretty much the same. (Well, except for the 'speaking with' bit - we had none of that godless nonsense!) Oh, and another difference is that the EBs don't recruit, at least not in practice, that is. In theory they do, but new incomers are VERY rare.

Will the JWs help your brother with his medical bills? In the EBs they tend to be quite good about things like that. Or used to be, anyway. I'm not up to date anymore, having almost no contact.

Badaunt said...

Oh, and incidentally I do NOT write about them on my blog, or use my own name, because of their tendency to sue, and also because of family still in who might get into trouble. I save all that for the other website (the one) under a different name.