Sunday, July 23

New school!

Witch School Opens.

Starting Saturday, in the unlikeliest of places, a real witch school opens its doors to the public in a place known as the Sweet Corn Capital of the World.

After almost five years of existence on the Internet, Witch School is expected to operate under normal business hours in the town of Hoopeston, Ill., about 100 miles south of Chicago.

The school is dedicated to educating the public in Wicca, a neo-Pagan religion that incorporates nature and magic into its theology. Until now the school has existed almost entirely on the Internet.


Hubbard, the Witch School's director, considers his decision to move the institution to Hoopeston as an experiment in religious tolerance. Most residents of Hoopeston are at least neutral toward Wicca and Witch School, he says.

When Witch School finally opens its doors to the public on July 1, Hubbard says he won't expect a flood of visitors, though he feels it will be a step toward acceptance as Wiccans in Hoopeston.

"Three years ago the question was did we have a right to be here," he said. "Now it's can we be successful."

Witch School.

I am so totally for religious tolerance. The article also mentions that you can actually become ordained thru Witch School. I think I'm going to investigate further, since I actually have the freedom to do so now, seeing as how my parents' religion has already kicked me out. It's not like they can shun me anymore than they do already.


Xavier Onassis said...

I hope you don't take offense at this, but is there any way we could have the JW's deliver mail and packages and stuff? I mean, if they're going to be coming around to the house anyway...

"Here's your copy of Watchtower, your electric bill, some grocery store coupons, and, it looks like something from your Probation Officer...might want to open that one first."

I'm just sayin...

Janet said...

LOL That's awesome! I so wish I'd thought of that when I was a drone, maybe I could have really helped someone, instead of just preached a bunch of bullshit to them.