Saturday, July 1

4-day weekend

Hubby has Monday & Tuesday off for the holiday, although we don't have any plans what-so-ever.

Which is probably a good thing, seeing as how we started off the weekend last night by taking Matt to the Emergency Room.

He looks like he's covered in chigger bites, but apparently he's allergic to something, and just broke out in hives. His joints are also swollen and tender, another side effect (one that really freaked me out).

He has to take a steroid for 5 days, and OTC Childrens Benadryl until the hives go away.

We have no freakin clue what he may be allergic to. It's not even baby sisters, since this has happened before, but we just thought it was flea bites. It may possibly be cat dander, but seeing as how we've had two cats for his entire life, I'm really not for sure on that one either.

Oh well, crisis averted, now if only the two of us parents could stop all the worst-case scenerios from running through our heads.

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