Monday, July 10

Hives (blech)

So Matthew was covered in hives all over his body, the poor thing. It looked so bad, but he was pretty happy during the whole episode, although he did lay on the floor and watch tv pretty much for an entire week, since his joints hurt so much.

He is much better now, the hives are completely gone. Yay! We still have a follow-up appt on Monday with the doctor, but he looks and acts normal again. Well, other than a total addiction to Blues Clues (someone shoot me, I hear that song in my sleep!)

In house related news, I finally bought a bed frame for our queen-size mattress! I bought this one:Granted, it looks like this in my room:but still. The picture doesn't really do it justice, it looks so nice. I'm probably going to just get some material and make my own canopy/scarf thingie.

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