Wednesday, January 26

Mood: Irriatated

So I went into my Legacy family last night to get some playing time, and to see if my new teen/preg hack was working, and the damn school bus doesn't show up to pick the kids up from school. Their grades don't go down, which is good, but now I've got a teenager and a child at home all freakin day. And I can't send the teenager to work, cause then the child would be left home alone, and that leads to the social worker, dammit. I went into my files to make sure I hadn't downloaded the "no school" hack by accident, but it's nowhere to be found. Couldn't find anything over at MTS2, either. Damn Maxis patch. I've had more trouble with my hacks since downloading the second patch, with you have to have if you want user-made objects, dammit. grrrr.

On a better note, my child let me sleep until almost 9:30 this morning! An extra hour of sleep, ahhh.

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