Wednesday, January 12

Legacy Family, Sims2

So I finally decided to do the Legacy Challenge. I'm in a neighborhood downloaded from The SiMale. It's the Sims1 Studio Town, Downtown, and Vacation Island. I deleted all of the lots it came with so I could make them residential and renamed them all.

Of course, I am running several hacks in the game that I refuse to play without. I'm currently running the nocheering hack, the sometimes homework fun hack, and the Slow Aspiration Decay hack. Well, these are the only ones that might affect actual game play. I've got a whole bunch of hacks from Mod the Sims 2. Oh, and I've got the Teen Woohoo w/pregancy hack too. I have yet to have a teenager get preggers, tho. I've got my own rules for that! If they're not responsible enough to have woohoo in bed, they have to "try for baby"!. So far, I haven't let any of them have woohoo in the hot tub, but I'm sure that soon I'll try that with one of the girls! (yes, Maxis named sex 'woohoo' in the Sims 2. Stupid, I know, but they really wanted that "T for teen" rating, I guess.)

Anyway, my goal is to see if I actually have the attention span to play one family/neighborhood for 10 generations. I absolutly refuse to use Maxis generated genes, so my starter sim was a female, and the first girl born in each generation is going to be the heir. They will not marry, and no one will move in, but they will have out-of-wedlock (gasp!) children with Sims that I create in that neighborhood. I'll post pictures of the first & second generation soon.

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