Thursday, January 6

Crappy weather

so the one day I have stuff for myself to do (nail, hair) the weather is nasty. I mean freezing rain, really shouldn't be driving nasty. Do I cancel??? No. No one else does either. I did at least call and make sure I wasn't the last client of the day. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone. So I didn't play my sims2 at all yesterday, and I haven't played them today, either. I really should go back and play my Legacy family, but of course I have to be weird and keep the rest of the neighborhood up with her! I couldn't just do a Legacy family, I've got to be different and do an entire Legacy neighborhood! Oh well. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to play with my simmies. Tonight, Hubbie is taking me to a movie. Coach Carter, or something like that. Someone at work gave him tickets.

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