Sunday, February 19

Trent Reznor, mmmmmmmm

Last night (Saturday, Feb 18, 2006) was the Nine Inch Nails concert here in Kansas City. My hubby managed to buy tickets the day they went on sale (good thing, too, they sold out in less than an hour). I love my hubby. He rocks. Not as much as Trent and the rest of the boys, but still.

Two solid hours of NIN. It was awesome. (are you jealous yet?) Now I HAVE to go buy their latest CD!

And Depeche Mode is going to be touring soon, I really hope they come to KC as well. I saw them (oh geez, has it been 10 years already?) for the Walking my Shoes tour in St. Louis. Great concert. It's probably the only thing I wouldn't have a problem leaving a newborn for this summer!

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