Thursday, February 16

Odd things during pregnancy

So, last night, while going pee (for the zillionth time of the day) I actually felt the baby drop. And by drop I mean the baby's head engaged lower in the pelvis so it can't do flips anymore. It was a really odd feeling. And I can actually tell the baby is lower in my abdomen, my belly looks more like an overgrown pear (a really huge one) than a beach ball. Not to mention that my pelvis was a little sore last night when I laid down for bed.

Something else I've noticed from both of my pregnancies is how I gain weight. Both times there's been no weight gain during the first trimester. In my 4th month, I gain around 4 pounds. In my 5th month, I gain around 8 pounds (which causes the doctor to freak out). With Matthew, during my 6th, 7th and 8th months, I gained around 4 pounds each, for a total of 25 pounds. I had no weight gain at all during my 9th month. I just think it's funny how much the 8 pound gain in my 5th month freaks out everyone. I'm writing this down so maybe next time I'll be able to warn my doctor/midwife!

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