Monday, October 31

Week Eleven

Not much new to report, still sick most of the time and tired ALL the time. I had a migrain this last weekend, and that really sucked, but I finally made it to my chiropractor today and I feel much better now.

It's raining here in KC today, which sucks, cause I've got a bunch of candy, and the rain keeps the trick-or-treaters off the street. Hopefully I can get rid of over half so I dont eat that much! Friday, hubby's work had a trick-or-treat for all the kids, and we took Matt as a pirate (with a mohawk!) You'd think no one in Johnson County, KS had ever seen someone with a mohawk before. It all depends on the weather tonight if hubby takes him out.

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Kristina said...

Usually i hand out candy to the kids in my neighborhood but in the last two years there has been almost no traffic for candy to speak of. This year not only am i going to be out of town but i wouldn't have handed out candy anyway because of the fact that i have eaten way too many leftovers in the last couple years!!! I hope you got pics of matthew!