Tuesday, May 15

Yep, sounds like me!

You Are 24% Lady

You tend to make up your rules of etiquette, throwing all conventions aside.
And while you try to be a lady (sometimes), your behavior is often quite shocking.


ordinarygirl said...

I still have that proper upbringing ingrained in me.

You Are 52% Lady

You're part lady, part modern woman.
Etiquette is important to you, but you brush aside rules that are outdated or silly.

--Blue Girl said...

Janet, you are literally twice the lady I am - I was told I can be rude and crude and socially unacceptable. So that "Good Blogkeeping Incivility" bug I put in my sidebar is appropriately placed, apparently.

Actually, I think ay pretense of ladyhood departed the first time I cut the clothing off a fat guy in the trauma bay...

Thanks for coming by my place, by the way!