Monday, August 14

It's been one of THOSE days.

Well, Josie caused me to lose two hours of sleep last night/this morning. She decided at 5am that it was play time!

I. Don't. Think. So.

I then slept much later than I had planned, so I didn't really have time to pay any attention to her (other than feeding) like she likes. She's very needy, and you must pay attention to her at all times.

So she screamed most of the morning.

Matthew cried when I got upset after the 4th time he ignored a direct request to find his shoes so we could leave.

It was fun, let me tell you. Screaming in stereo.

Why did I have multiple children again? Do I really want another one?


Keith Sader said...

At some point in time they stop screaming so much :-)

Kristina said...

yeah....then they just start talking in stereo. is that really that much better?