Saturday, March 18

It's so nice out here!

Well, we are out in Santa Ana, CA. It's so quiet without the toddler! Of course, we call every night to talk to him and check in with Grammy, but they're having a blast without us.

The sad part about our trip is that we're in LA, and we can't seem to stay up past 9pm local time! No partying for us, that's for sure, just a couple of old fogies. Very sad.

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jmasonemerson said...

Hi, Jan. Hope you're still fine. My own health is down some at the moment. What was the time and place of that barbecue please? Is it okay for me to share that information with those in the CW egroup (196 now) of whom may be handful more at most might be able to attend too? If not, no problem.
Had tried to phone you but it didn't go through. Maybe I had the wrong number or it was switched or something while you're out of town?

Joe or J Mason at jmasonemerson@