Friday, June 3


Our internet service has been acting crazy this week. It started Monday, Memorial Day. It was a holiday, no biggie, didn't really miss it. Since it was a holiday, no one was in the local office, so they told us to call on Tuesday. Tuesday we had internet. Well, until around 9, 9:30pm. Then it went off again. Called the cable company again on Wednesday, service guy came out Thursday morning. After Keith came home from work and reset the firewall, we had internet again, YAY!! Wait....wait....nope, sorry two hours is long enough. No more internet for you! This time, the modem light was still on, but still losing packets like there was no tomorrow. So I called them again this morning (Friday), and of course they can't get anyone out until MONDAY. So Keith checked the splitter, changed the cables around, and now we have perfect internet! We'll go buy a new splitter ourselves, and I get to tell the cable co to fuck off! wooohoooo!

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